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Serving all Iowa City neighborhoods including Mann, Hoover, Lemme, Miller-Orchard, and more!

Coming home to a lukewarm refrigerator with sacks of groceries in your hand can make you lose your cool. Luckily, our refrigerator repair Iowa City professionals can tackle this common problem, along with any refrigerator issue you may face. 

Whether it’s a faulty water dispenser or you have a refrigerator leaking water, our well-trained, expert technicians have seen it and solved it. 

We understand that a functional refrigerator is crucial for your day-to-day life. Contact Maughanster Appliance Repair today for the fastest, most affordable refrigerator repair in Iowa City. 

Major Brand Refrigerator Repair Iowa City Experts

While some Iowa City technicians might service one or a few brands, we service all the most popular manufacturers. From major brands like Whirlpool and Frigidaire to high-end models like KitchenAid, our professionals are prepared to get your refrigerator back on track. Did we mention we guarantee quality service and even offer $15 off your first repair? Contact us for Iowa City refrigerator repair today!

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Refrigerator Repair & Maintenance Tips

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Refrigerator making a loud noise?

A refrigerator repair problem is inconvenient enough without the added bonus of a strange noise reminding you of the defect. The silver lining is that it could be solved with some quick, simple troubleshooting.

Many times the noise stems from dirty condenser coils, which are located on the back or bottom of your unit. Clean your refrigerator condenser coils every six months. Simply use a vacuum hose and an appliance brush to clear the debris. 

Refrigerator not dispensing water or ice?

A faulty dispenser can be a major inconvenience that can be addressed with some expert problem-solving.  Our refrigerator repair Iowa City professionals are always available to assist. However, with a little patience, you may be able to identify the issue yourself.

First, make sure your freezer is set to the correct temperature. If it is, there may be an issue with the water inlet valve, ice maker assembly, or ice maker module.

refrigerator door won't close

Refrigerator door won’t close?

Several factors can contribute to this typical food-freshness hurdle. When your door won’t shut properly, give these suggestions a try before reaching out for repair. 

  • Remove any debris blocking the door.
  • Check to see if the door seal is loose or torn.
  • Make sure food and/or containers are in line with the shelves’ edges.