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Discovering your oven won’t heat or your range won’t light two hours before a big meal is hugely irritating. Fortunately, our range and oven repair Iowa City technicians can set you and your appliance on the right path – and quickly. 

At Maughanster Appliance Repair, we understand that a fully functioning cooking appliance keeps your routine ticking. We’re confident that our fast but careful approach will surpass your expectations. 

Contact our team today for the best range, cooktop, and oven repair in Iowa City. We’ll make sure your broken appliance gets back to work ASAP.

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Don’t let an amateur technician leave you with an even bigger problem than you started with. Offering quality service, our promise of premium results outranks other Iowa City oven repair companies.  

We’re experts in servicing top brands like Whirlpool, Frigidaire, LG, Samsung, and more. Our service vehicles are stocked with most brands’ parts on hand. It’s no wonder we’re the best oven and range repair Iowa City can provide.

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Cooking Appliance Repair & Maintenance Tips

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Oven not heating up?

Whether it’s a defective heating element or a gas line problem, several factors can contribute to your oven not heating. If you have a gas oven, chances are, it could be a faulty igniter. 

Cut the oven’s power, remove the bottom panel, use a screwdriver to remove the bracket, disconnect the wire harness, connect the new igniter, attach the igniter to the bracket, reinstall the panel, and restore the oven’s power.

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Gas range clicking when burners are off?

Hearing clicking sounds from your burner after cooking might herald an unbalanced burner cap. Try this troubleshooting tip from one of our range repair Iowa City professionals.

  1. Let the oven cool.
  2. Remove the burner grate.
  3. Remove the cap.
  4. Re-center the cap on the base.
  5. Try to light the burner.
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Oven baking unevenly? 

From a defective broil or bake element to a faulty thermostat, uneven baking is a common problem that could be easily fixed.

  • Readjust your oven racks.
  • Test the temperature calibration by setting the oven to a specific temperature, placing an oven-safe thermometer inside, and checking if the temperatures match. 
  • Upgrade your cookware.