Dryer Repair Iowa City

When your clothes dryer won’t work as it should, it can leave your head spinning instead of your dryer. Fortunately, there’s no problem our dryer repair Iowa City technicians haven’t encountered. 

The pros at Maughanster Appliance Repair approach your dryer with care and precision to restart your much-needed routine. Our honest upfront pricing coupled with our 5-star service cements our reputation as the best dryer repair in Iowa City.   

Amateur, fly-by-night repair isn’t our style. We go out of our way to ensure a top-tier impression, aiming to be your first thought for future appliance repair needs. For honesty and experience, entrust the repair wizards at Maughanster Appliance Repair. 

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Major Brand Dryer Repair Iowa City Experts

Trusting a technician who’s inexperienced with your brand is like trusting a pilot who only has a driver’s license. Each brand is nuanced according to your needs, and you require someone who knows the ins and outs of your specific dryer.

From popular names like Whirlpool to luxury labels like Bosch, our brand knowledge makes us the best dryer repair Iowa City can offer. Don’t see your unit listed among the brands we service? Give us a call to see if we can asses your dryer.

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Dryer Repair & Maintenance Tips

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Dryer making strange noises?

While a dryer humming is mostly normal, a rattle or thumping sound can signal a problem. Try to nail down the noise with these suggestions. 

  • Rattle: Check the drum for loose change or other small items.
  • Thump: Make sure clothes aren’t knotted or balled up. 
  • Click: Common among gas models, it’s merely the gas valve opening and closing. 
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Dryer won’t start?

A dryer that doesn’t start is usually one of the easiest problems to conquer. With these tips from our Iowa City dryer repair professionals, it’s even easier. 

  • Check for a blown internal thermal fuse. 
  • Check if the push start knob is dirty. If so, remove the knob to clean the dirt and lint.
  • Check if the door latch is engaging. 
  • Check the fuse and circuit breakers for a clean connection.
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Dryer runs but doesn’t dry?

A unit that takes forever to dry involves some trial and error that usually does the trick. Before seeking repair, take a swing at these DIY tips.

  • Reduce the size of each load.
  • Clean out the lint filter.
  • Confirm the vent exhaust pipe has a smooth connection.
  • Clean the outside exhaust vent if it’s not opening and closing properly.