ge dryer won't start Dryer

5 Tips to Fix a GE Dryer Not Starting

Though it’s certainly frustrating when your dryer won’t start, the pile of wet laundry may be the bigger problem. Why won’t my GE dryer turn …

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gas stove burner not working properly Oven & Range

Why Is My Samsung Gas Stove Burner Not Working?

As alarming as it can seem when a gas stove burner won’t ignite, there’s usually a straightforward cause. Why is my Samsung gas stove burner …

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maytag refrigerator is leaking Refrigerator

How to Troubleshoot a Maytag Refrigerator Leaking Water

As troublesome as a leaking refrigerator can be, there’s usually a straightforward cause and solution. Wondering why is my Maytag refrigerator leaking? A water filter …

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ge dishwasher leaves dishes wet Dishwasher

GE Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes? This Could Be Why

A dishwasher’s drying function often goes unnoticed, until wet dishes leave you reaching for the dish towel. Wondering why does my GE dishwasher not dry …

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how do you fix a whirlpool washing machine that won't drain Washer

Is Your Whirlpool Washer Not Draining? Try These Steps!

A puddle of water in your washer and a pile of soaking wet clothes point to draining problems and a big headache. But not all …

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fun things to do in Iowa City Local

5 Best Outdoor Activities in Iowa City This Winter

While it may be cold, winter in Iowa City offers unique opportunities for outdoor enjoyment. Looking for local, family-friendly fun? Ice skating at Terry Trueblood …

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dryer doesn't dry clothes Dryer

Why Is My Maytag Dryer Not Drying Clothes All the Way?

A dryer leaving clothes damp can throw a kink in your laundry assembly line. What can you do if you find your Maytag dryer not …

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best way to thaw a turkey Holiday

How to Thaw a Thanksgiving Turkey the Right Way

While it’s not as glamorous as seasoning or brining, knowing how to thaw a Thanksgiving turkey is essential to your holiday prep. The correct thawing …

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oven doesn't bake evenly Oven & Range

Why Is My Electric Oven Not Baking Evenly?

Burned cookies or underdone roasts may be easy to blame on the chef, but repeated cooking problems usually signify uneven baking. So what are the …

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