ge front load washer not starting

Why Is My GE Front Load Washer Not Starting?

A washer that won’t start could indicate a part failure that needs a professional fix. However, in many instances, a simple adjustment could be all that’s required. Why is my GE front load washer not starting? If the door latch isn’t engaged, it won’t signal the washer to begin a cycle. Determine the most likely reasons for a GE washer not starting with these common causes.

5 Common Causes for a GE Washer Not Starting

How do you troubleshoot a GE front load washer not starting? Though the potential problems seem endless, one of these five reasons is the most common culprits. Here’s how to identify the issue and the right solution.

1. Washer Power Supply Problem

If your GE front load washer won’t turn on and the control panel buttons don’t illuminate, there is likely a power supply problem.

The following power issues will prevent the washer from starting:

  • Power cord is unplugged: Make sure the cord is fully plugged into a working outlet.
  • Extension cord is used: These cords can’t reliably transmit the voltage a washer requires, resulting in surges that interrupt power.
  • Tripped circuit breaker: Check your home’s circuit breaker box for tripped breakers, resetting any if necessary.

After a power interruption, the washer may need to be reset to start a wash cycle. To reset a GE front load washer, unplug it or turn off its power at the circuit breaker. After one minute, restore power and select a wash cycle.

ge front load washer won't turn on

2. Washer Door Latch Not Engaged

As a safety precaution, your GE washer won’t start filling until the door is completely closed and the latch is engaged. Even after the latch engages, the washer will complete a series of turns before unlocking and locking again. Once the latch re-engages, it will signal a wash cycle to begin.

These issues can prevent the door latch from engaging and the washer from starting:

  • Door isn’t fully closed: Always close the door with a firm push to fully engage the latch.
  • Trapped clothing: Clothing that overhangs the door gasket will prevent the door from closing. Always check for trapped clothing and place it completely in the washer before closing the door. A gasket that’s covered in dirty buildup can also prevent proper door closure. Use our tips on how to clean a washing machine to keep the gasket clean and odor-free.
  • Latch is defective: If the door is properly closed and the latch still won’t engage, it may be defective. If the latch doesn’t “click” when the door closes, shows visible damage or has no continuity with multimeter testing, it must be replaced.
ge washer not starting

3. Washing Machine Controls Are Locked

When your GE washer turns on but won’t start, check to see if the Control Lock feature is enabled. This feature locks all control panel functions, except the POWER button, to prevent an accidental start or selection. When the Control Lock feature is on, a lock icon appears on the display panel.

To disable Control Lock, press and hold the LOCK button for 3 seconds. The lock icon should disappear, indicating that the feature is disabled.

4. Check Washing Machine Settings

Is your GE front load washer not starting even if Control Lock is off and there are no power or door issues? Check the settings on the control panel to make sure your intended cycle is selected. A setting like Delay Start will postpone the start of a wash cycle to a preset later time. Make sure the Delay Start button isn’t illuminated when checking the washer settings.

Even if the settings are correct, always check the control panel for error codes. These number and letter combinations correspond to a particular washer problem that could prevent an immediate start. Refer to your user manual to determine the code’s meaning and how to solve the problem.

Why is my GE washer not turning on

5. GE Washer Parts Failure

Why is my GE washer not turning on even after these troubleshooting tips? A part failure could be responsible.

These part failures require replacement by a professional washer repair service:

  • Line fuse: If the washer’s circuits become overloaded, the line fuse will blow and a cycle won’t start until it’s replaced. To resolve the underlying issue, check for shorted out wires that could have overloaded the circuits before replacing the fuse. 
  • User control panel: If one or more of the control panel buttons doesn’t respond or illuminate, the control panel is likely faulty and unable to relay commands.
  • Timer: The timer governs all washer functions by sending power to the right one at the appropriate time. A failed timer may not signal the washer to start, spin or drain appropriately.

The technicians at Maughanster Appliance can fix a GE front load washer not starting or address any other concerns. Schedule your expert repair today!