how do you fix a whirlpool washing machine that won't drain

Is Your Whirlpool Washer Not Draining? Try These Steps!

A puddle of water in your washer and a pile of soaking wet clothes point to draining problems and a big headache. But not all draining issues indicate a malfunction. How do you fix a Whirlpool washing machine that won’t drain? Sometimes, choosing a different wash cycle with a higher spin speed will do the trick. Troubleshoot a Whirlpool washer not draining with these steps and solutions.

How to Assess a Whirlpool Washer Not Draining

Draining issues can occur from time to time and are usually attributable to several common causes. Assessing a Whirlpool washer not draining begins with ruling out simple problems with DIY solutions before determining the need for a repair.

Step 1: Was the Wrong Wash Cycle Selected?

Choosing the wrong wash cycle or spin speed is one of the most common reasons for a Whirlpool washer not draining. “Delicate” or “Hand wash” cycles may use lower spin speeds to treat certain fabrics more gently. This can leave clothes wetter at the end of a cycle or sitting in residual water.

In addition, some washers offer the ability to select a spin speed. Choosing “Low” or “No Spin” will also leave clothes wetter and some water in the machine. Be sure to choose the right cycle for your particular wash load or adjust the spin speed higher for better draining.

Step 2: Is the Drain Hose Kinked or Clogged?

When a draining cycle begins, water exits the washer through the drain hose. If the hose is kinked, water can’t drain and will back up into the machine. Similarly, if the hose is clogged your Whirlpool washer won’t drain and water will remain in the machine.

Here’s how to assess for drain hose kinks or clogs:

  • Check the hose for visible kinks, gently straightening them or replacing the hose if necessary.
  • Look for blockages in the hose by detaching it from the washer and/or standpipe and removing any clogs. Refer to your washer manual to determine the right methods for removing and securing the hose.
  • Make sure the hose is properly positioned in the drainpipe, 39-96 inches above the floor.
Whirlpool washer won't spin out all the water
Photo Credit: Whirlpool

Step 3: Does the Drain Pump Filter Have a Blockage?

Many washers have a drain pump filter or coin trap that collects dirt, lint and debris to prevent it from clogging the drain pump. If the filter is blocked by these remnants, it won’t drain properly and needs to be cleaned for water to drain.

Most drain pump filters can be accessed through a small door on the bottom right corner of the washer. Remove the filter, dispose of any debris and rinse it under running water before replacing it. If you still find your Whirlpool washer not draining and suspect drain pump issues, a professional technician should assess the pump for clogs or malfunctions.

whirlpool washer not draining
Photo Credit: Whirlpool

Step 4: Is the Lid Switch Broken?

Top load washers have a lid switch that keeps the washer from spinning if the lid is open. Forgetting to close the lid after loading or opening it after the wash cycle has begun will stop the spin cycle. Always make sure the lid is closed after loading the machine. You may have to press “Start” again to initiate a spin cycle after lifting the lid while the machine is in use.

In other cases, a broken lid switch can mistakenly signal that the lid is open. When this happens, your Whirlpool washer won’t spin out all the water. If multimeter testing of the lid switch shows a lack of continuity, it’s broken and requires replacement.

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